Our cassette player is finally here!

So, what is this all about ? To make it simple, we have decided to bring the cassette player back. Why ? Because the cassette tape is back ! But listen, we didn’t just do whatever, we’ll tell you all about it.


The idea came to us after a year of riding a wave of 80s nostalgia, first started by the movie « Gardians of the Galaxy », and even the show « Stranger Things » and so we decided to re-make cassette tape players.

We looked around us to find someone to join us on this adventure. And we found a French company right outside of Paris specialized in making high-quality audio materials.


After several months of attempts and reflection, we finally agreed on a design that is at once clean, crisp and classy. The kind of design object that we’d love to show off on the mantlepiece.

Regarding the materials, we wanted it to be cool to the touch, with impeccable finishes, so we avoided plastic. We then went for an aluminum exterior, and the result is just amazing.


On the functionality side, we also set a very high bar. First, we got rid of the disposable batteries, which we changed for a rechargeable lithium battery, which is more practical and cost-effective.

We also integrated bluetooth capablity on top of the 3.5 jack connector. This way, anyone can listen how they want. Oh, yes, we also added a recording function to be able to create our own mixed tapes… the most romantic Saint Valentine’s gift.